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These Dog Breeds Look Like Puppies Their Entire Lives

There are plenty of ways to choose a dog. Some people look for one of the cutest dog breeds, and others want a dog they can easily train. While there are plenty of milestones to look forward to when you adopt a puppy and watch him grow up, there are some dogs who will always look like puppies, no matter how old they get.

Read on to check out the dog breeds that look (and sometimes act!) like puppies their entire lives.

1. Beagle

Beagles retain the large eyes and expressive faces of puppyhood throughout their lives — perhaps one of the many reasons why the breed is such a popular choice in American households. Especially if you keep your beagle active and trim, he’ll probably act like a puppy for most of his life, too. The AKC characterizes the beagle as “happy-go-lucky, funny, and — thanks to their pleading expression — cute.” These energetic dogs get along well with children and with other dogs, and they need plenty of exercise to stay youthful and happy.

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