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The Cutest Dog Breeds That You Definitely Need to Know About

Drop whatever you’re doing because you don’t want to miss out on the cutest dog breeds! It’s tough to play favorites when it comes to dogs, especially because every breed is adorable in its own way.

Sure, “cute” is a pretty subjective term. But even we have to admit that some dog breeds are cuter than the rest. In fact, these particular dog breeds are amazingly cute — and particularly well-equipped to win the hearts of anybody who looks their way.

Below, check out the most adorable dog breeds. Just don’t blame us if you find yourself wanting a new puppy or two!

1. Bichon frise

If your idea of “cute” is a little fluffball of a dog, you can’t go wrong with the bichon frise. The American Kennel Club reports that the breed’s “name (pronounced BEE-shon free-ZAY) is French for ‘fluffy white dog,’ which is a very accurate way to describe these 10- to 20-pound four-legged cotton balls.” They take well to training and have a charismatic personality. Plus, the AKC notes that these dogs’ short bursts of energy typically alternate with cuddly, lovable periods. (Perfect if you want a dog who’s both a cheerful adventurer and a cuddle bug.)

2. Boston terrier

The Boston terrier numbers among the cutest dog breeds not only for his distinctive tuxedo coat, but also for his big eyes and cute face. The AKC describes the Boston terrier: “The muzzle is short and the eyes are large, dark, and round, giving Boston terriers a kind and intelligent expression that can melt the coldest heart.” The group adds that these dogs have a friendly and amusing personality. It also notes, “Their many charms have made Boston terriers a true American favorite for more than a hundred years.”

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