Top 10 Computer Science Careers

Quality Assurance

Things to know:

  • This is a role where salary will vary hugely dependent on the company. Some companies will be really keen to ensure robust testing processes, and will pay a senior QA analyst similar money to a software developer, whereas others will pay much less.

Typical Responsibilities:

  • Utilize a bug tracking system to document software issues and report problems to software developers.
  • Spot, interrogate and report on issues with the way a programme works and the information it outputs.
  • Develop test plans and procedures.
  • Take part in product reviews to provide input on potential problems, schedules and functional requirements.
  • Develop programmes that will test a range of areas, potentially including regression testing, software scenarios usability and database impacts.

Required Skills: Proficiency in a range of languages and program testing software, depending on the role. Critical thinking is also important, in order to interpret the information created by testing programmes. Senior QA Analysts will need to be able to design bespoke test suites in order to verify that everything that should be tested is covered.

Number of jobs in 2016: 233,000

Projected growth (2014-2024): 4 percent or higher

Average annual salary: $86,510

Network Administrator

Things to know:

  • This role requires familiarity with both software and hardware and typically network administrators are certified in the products they use – Microsoft and Cisco offer the most common certifications.

Typical Responsibilities:

  • Install network hardware and software in order to meet the system needs of a company.
  • Upgrade and repair networks, ensuring that systems are operating correctly and minimum disruption occurs.
  • Develop and maintain security protocols which protect the network and computer system.
  • Evaluate, analyse and optimize network performance.
  • Train users to use hardware and software correctly.
  • Interpret and solve problems identified through monitoring systems or by users.

Required Skills: An ability to work with equipment and programmes. It is important that network administrators keep up with the latest developments as network technology is constantly evolving. Communication, analysis and problem solving are key, and this job will involve an element technical support.

Number of jobs in 2016: 391,300

Projected growth (2014-2024): 6 percent or higher

Average annual salary: $79,700

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