9 Facts About Artificial Intelligence That Might Surprise You

5. Some products you buy are being suggested to you by artificial intelligence.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told investors last year that the company’s machine learning systems are being used to recommend products to customers on its e-commerce platform. Beyond that, AI help’s it determine which deals to offer and when, and influences many aspects of the business. Bezos recommended that investors watch this space.

6. The AI processor battle has already begun.

Alphabet has created its own artificial intelligence processor, called the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), specifically designed to make its advertising, search, Gmail, Google Photos, and other services smarter. The tech giant is also using the TPUs to enhance its cloud computing serverswith the goal of grabbing a bigger piece of that $411 billion market.

7. Some tech leaders are legitimately worried about AI.

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk — who’s no stranger to advanced technology — has warned on multiple occasions that artificial intelligence could eventually be dangerous to people — and to humanity as a whole. He recommends some regulation around the technology and specifically wants a ban on any type of autonomous weaponry. Considering the fact that some governments are already working on AI controlled weapons, his request sounds reasonable.

8. World-famous physicist Stephen Hawking thinks AI will make a lot of jobs disappear.

Hawking is one of many deep thinkers who believe AI systems will eliminate many jobs, and not create enough to replace them. Specifically, he said, “The automation of factories has already decimated jobs in traditional manufacturing, and the rise of artificial intelligence is likely to extend this job destruction deep into the middle classes, with only the most caring, creative or supervisory roles remaining.” He’s far from alone in his views. PwC says that 38% of U.S. jobs will be vulnerable to AI over the next 15 years.

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