7 Ways to Prepare for Computer Science Careers

5. Gain the ‘soft skills’ needed for computer science careers 

You might think technical skills are all you need for computer science careers – but in fact interpersonal skills are just as important. With this in mind, make sure your degree offers opportunities to develop communication and teamwork skills, as well as related areas of knowledge in high demand among employers, such as agile project management.

More broadly, being part of a friendly and supportive community will help you develop and succeed during your studies and beyond. UCLan has a strong focus on ensuring computer science students develop a range of related skillsets, as well as running an award-winning orientation program to ensure new students quickly develop close bonds and social connections.

6. Develop your skills through competitions

Alongside work placements, another way to develop and show off your skills is by entering computer science competitions. These can be fun and rewarding ways to challenge yourself, as well as providing even more impressive material for your CV. For example, UCLan students have entered and won the national ‘Search for a Star’ and ‘Rising Star’ competitions. They also recently won the first Defectives University Challenge, and have achieved a top-three position every time they’ve entered the BBC Technology Challenge.

UCLan students are well prepared to excel in such contests. Indeed, the first year of the undergraduate computer science program kicks off with a four-week challenge, in which students collaborate to design, develop and market new apps. Since this often includes a bit of dressing up, they’re more than ready to present their ideas to others!

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