10 Interesting Facts about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has received a lot of focus and attention in the last couple of years. There has been a boom in the innovations that have artificial intelligence at its base. Obviously, the internet has played a crucial role in the development of artificial intelligence enabled services.

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Machine learning essentially an artificial intelligence technique, has been stirring new developments by creating new algorithms which mimic or support human behaviour or decision-making capabilities, which are already in use, like Apple’s Siri, or the email servers which eliminate junk or spam emails. You can also see the use of machine learning in e-commerce websites which use it to personalise the search or use of web experience of their customers.

It is interesting to comprehend the capabilities of machines. Very soon machines will have the capability to perform advanced cognitive functions, processing language, human emotions, the machines will be proficient in learning, planning or performing a task as intelligent systems. There is also a definite possibility that the tasks performed will be or can be more accurate than humans, thus artificial intelligence can boost productivity and accuracy, and impact the economic growth. Imagine the impact it can have on medical procedures, the continued support it could lend to the disabled, increasing their life expectancy.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that can improve the world for the better, however, it also comes along with some challenges such as machine accountability, security, displacement of human workers etc…,

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