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If you’ve grown tired of the same old mountain biking trails, we’ve got a treat for you. We’ve scoured the world (via the world wide web) and found what appears to be the 8 most gut-wrenching, eye-opening and “I want my mommy” mountain biking trails on the planet. You can try them if you dare, but we abstain from all legal responsibility here if you do. Without further adieu, here’s the top 8 in no particular order…

8 ) Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Trail, Boulder City, Nevada

These trails can seem almost unrideable, so extra precaution is very much needed. Advanced skills are required with some of the downhill trips, and it has steep sections and drops not advisable for the weak of heart.

7) Black Mountain, Brevard, N.C.

Black Mountain in Pisgah National Forest, Brevard North Carolina has one of the most scenic trails complete with beautiful waterfalls. But this ride isn’t for the weak of heart (and skills). Insane jumps, crazy switchbacks, and downhill drops that require some serious ability to control your bike.

6) Baseline Mountain, Canada Cup

It’s steep and rocky downhill can make less experienced riders lose control. Not to mention insanely steep sections and obstacles such as small trees on the way, which require adequate training to master. Take a trip to Rocky Mountain House in Alberta, Canada if you’re in for this type of challenge.
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