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The World’s Fastest “Stock” Dodge Challenger Hellcat Runs Eight’s

Stock Challenger Hellcat, or is it?

As I found out, this Dodge Challenger Hellcat stretches the word stock as much as possible. In that regard, the mods Epling Garage made include a serious supercharger upgrade. Now, with slightly thinner pulley, it provides the engine with more boost. New fuel system, on the other hand, feeds the engine with more fuel. And then there’s a freaking Nitrous setup. All that complemented with a Q16 race gas tune.

Other important changes include the introduction of the Liberty racing manual transmission, Liberty shifter, and special clutch to transfer all that power to the drive shaft.

Sure, this made the Challenger Hellcat quite different compared to the machine that left the production line. Furthermore, it received smaller brakes in order to enable the small 15-inch wheels to fit the front and back. One would need a lot of grip with it obviously.

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