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The World’s Fastest “Stock” Dodge Challenger Hellcat Runs Eight’s

Ever since Dodge introduced the Hellcat, drag racing enthusiasts all over the US wanted to see what is it capable of doing in its stock form. Or, at least, in an “almost” stock form. Now, guys at Epling Garage of Bean Station, Tennessee went out on a limb and crafted a Challenger Hellcat so fast it broke into eighths. Running 8.91 seconds at a quarter of a mile made the Epling Garage Dodge Challenger Hellcat the fastest Challenger Hellcat in the world.

We have heard about this Hellcat before when it reached the quarter of a mile checkpoint at 9.06 seconds in May this year. Obviously, Epling Garage made some tweaks and made the car even faster.

Term “stock” was used quite loosely these days. While some do consider this Challenger Hellcat to be mainly stock, there are some serious mods and power aids which make it possible to break into eights on the drag strip.

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