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Roadster Shop Reveals ‘Rampage’ The 740 HP 1970 Camaro

Experienced engineer Michael O’Brian was involved in the customization of the chassis and suspension. The repositioning of the front wheels provided a generous 35 degree steering angle.

From the front wheels to the back, the car is 81 inches wide although a 79 inch option was available. The front wheels measure 18”x12” and the back wheels are 19”x12”. Hoosier R6 tires for the front come sized as 345/35/ZR18, with the rear being 345/35/ZR19.

The V8, LS7, 427i engine was provided by Thomson Racing Engines and boasts a 740 horsepower. The engine positioned in the ‘Rampage’ is 5” further to the rear of the chassis than in the original Camaro.

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