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Roadster Shop Reveals ‘Rampage’ The 740 HP 1970 Camaro

The Illinois based Roadster Shop has created ‘Rampage’, a heavily modified 1970’s Camaro. Jeremy Gerber, who co-founded the Roadster shop was the mastermind behind the project. Detailing his design dreams, Jeremy enlisted the help of artist Chris Gray who produced the sketches. With the idea placed on paper Jeremy recalls: “I had a look, we just had to build it.”A 1970’s Camaro SS was the starting point in the road to the ‘Rampage’. The car initially arrived at the Roadster Shop appearing neglected.

Having spent a considerable length of time abandoned on a desert, the sun had damaged the paint and rust had emerged. The revamping phase would now begin.

Firstly, the frame was strengthened with the use of metal piping. A wall divided the back seats from the boot and the inside wheel-tubs. The car was now practically a clear canvas, ready for the revamping that Jeremy had planned. A tailor chassis was made, suspension structure was created and a custom built roll-cage was constructed.

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