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Raw-Steel 1952 Buick Riviera Bonneville Speed Record Car is Yours for $195,000

Where to even begin with this one? This utterly dystopian raw-steel Riviera is something gamers playing Fallout are accustomed seeing. Or you might be more familiar with Mad Max movies, but the point should be clear in both instances. Average car enthusiast, on the other hand, rarely gets the chance to lay his eyes upon such a marvelous car. Closest we got to that recently, was this meticulous radial airplane engine powered 1939 Plymouth Pickup.

This 1952 Buick Riviera currently belongs to landscape photographer Peter Lik, but since it’s for sale at DuPont Registry, it probably won’t belong to him for long.

Nicknamed Bombshell Betty, this raw-steel speedster was specially designed to break land speed records. According to the listing, it’s a six-time land speed world record holder, and even comes with all the necessary documentation and trophies. And all that for “only” $195,000.

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